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Open PDE & Analysis Seminar

Prof Juan Luis Vázquez (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

Nonlinear diffusion, fractional p-Laplacian and Gagliardo fractional seminorms

Friday 5th June 2020, 2pm (Paris time)

Abstract : After a short review on Nonlinear and Fractional Diffusion, I will report on two recent issues. One deals with the theory of the fractional p-Laplacian equation in the whole space, which is the gradient flow for the Gagliardo energy. Main news are the construction of selfsimilar solutions in R^n, that attract all finite-mass solutions. I also report on how the Gagliardo fractional seminorm comes naturally in estimating Taylor expansions and other topics of appoximation theory.

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Thomas Alazard (ENS Paris-Saclay)         Nicolas Burq (Orsay)         Iván Moyano (Nice)