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Open PDE & Analysis Seminar and Lectures

Welcome to the OPDEA Seminar and Lectures website!

The present circumstances force us to stay at home. But we mathematicians are always curious and need some interaction with other fellow mathematicians to keep working on our new and exciting estimates. An online seminar should give us the possibility to listen to new maths and discuss about what we like the most. Every one can participate. Do not hesitate to connect, listen and ask questions!

The seminars will take place on Zoom. Some instructions can be found below.

Zoom link

The link to the zoom talk will appear before each session.
Next session: 11th June 2021 4pm. Dr Thierry Paul (CNRS & Sorbonne Universités)

Meeting ID: 604 081 2151.
Acces code: (None).

Mailing list

To receive information about the seminar, suscribe to our mailing list. Follow this link .


Thomas Alazard (ENS Paris-Saclay)     Nicolas Burq (Orsay)     Clément Mouhot (Cambridge)
Iván Moyano (Nice)     Benoit Pausader (Brown)     Marjolaine Puel (Cergy-Pontoise)

Upcoming Lectures and Talks

This year we are organising some thematic programs consisting on a lecture surveying some
specific recent problems combined with some talks on the same subject. Our program is the following. (Click here to see the talks by subject):

Date Time Speaker Institution Title Abstract
Jan 29th 4pm Semyon Dyatlov Massachusetts Institute of Technology (SEMINAR) Control of eigenfunctions on negatively curved surfaces (Link)
Feb 5th 3pm Claude Zuily Université Paris-Saclay (Orsay) (LECTURE) Quantitative unique continuation: an introduction. After A.Logunov and E. Malinnikova. (Link)
Feb 12th 4pm Eugenia Malinnikova Stanford University (SEMINAR) On Yau’s conjecture for the Dirichlet Laplacian in C^1 domains (Link)
March 5th 4pm Maciej Zworski University of California Berkeley (LECTURE) Introduction to non-self-adjoint operators: a case study using a model of twisted bilayer graphene (Link)
April 9th 4pm Charles Collot CNRS & Cergy Paris Université. (SEMINAR) Singularities, separation, and generic self-similar behaviour for the inviscid unsteady Prandtl boundary layer (Link)
April 16th 3pm Theodore Drivas Stony Brook University (SEMINAR) Some remarks on the long-time dynamics of 2D Euler. (Link)
April 23th 4pm Tarek Elgindi Duke University (LECTURE) Singularity formation in incompressible fluids (Link)
May 28th 3pm François Golse Ecole Polytechnique (LECTURE) Optimal Transport Distances in Quantum Mechanics (Link)
June 11th 4pm Thierry Paul CNRS & Sorbonne Universités (SEMINAR) Optimal transport and quantum mechanics: more facts and applications (Link)
June 18th 3pm Chiara Saffirio University of Basel (SEMINAR) Mean-field evolution of fermionic mixed states with singular interaction potentials (Link)
(idem) 4.15pm Cambyse Rouzé Technische Universität München (SEMINAR) Quantum modified logarithmic Sobolev inequalities (Link)

Past talks

April 2020-June 2020 (Link)

Instructions to use Zoom

Use of headphones is strongly recommended.

There is a public chat that can be used by all users. All users can use the public chat to indicate the chairman
their intention to ask a question. The chairman can turn the microphone on/off according to the circumstances.

A 15 minute “coffee break” is scheduled between the first and second talk.
Unfortunately the organisation will not be able to provide coffee or tea (or any other stronger beverage).