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Open PDE & Analysis Seminar

Welcome to the seminar!

The present circumstances force us to stay at home. But we mathematicians are always curious and need some interaction with other fellow mathematicians to keep working on our new and exciting estimates. An online seminar should give us the possibility to listen to new maths and discuss about what we like the most. Every one can participate. Do not hesitate to connect, listen and ask questions!

The seminars will take place over the platform BBB (BigBlueButton). Some instructions can be found below.

BBB link

This is the link to the talks: link or the url Mozilla Firefox seems to be particularly well adapted to the BBB system.


Thomas Alazard (ENS Paris-Saclay)         Nicolas Burq (Orsay)         Iván Moyano (Nice)

Upcoming Talks

Date Time Speaker Institution Title Abstract
April 24th 2pm (Paris) Prof Clément Mouhot University of Cambridge Unified approach to fluid approximation of linear kinetic equations with heavy tails link
April 24th 3pm (Paris) Cyril Letrouit Ecole Normale Supérieure Subelliptic waves are never observable link
April 30th 2pm (Paris) Prof Felix Otto Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Leipzig Stochastic Homogeneization link
April 30th 3pm (Paris) Prof Isabelle Gallagher Ecole Normale Supérieure From Newton to Boltzmann, fluctuations and large deviations link
May 7th 2pm (Paris) Prof David Lannes Université de Bordeaux Dispersive perturbations of hyperbolic initial boundary value problems link
May 7th 3pm (Paris) Dr Franca Hoffmann Caltech Kalman-Wasserstein Gradient Flows link
May 15th 2pm (Paris) Prof Emmanuel Grenier ENS Lyon Instabilités des couches limites de Prandtl (Instabilities for Prandtl boundary layers) link
May 15th 3pm (Paris) Dr Thibault Lefeuvre Université Paris-Saclay (Orsay) Microlocal regularity of solutions to cohomological equations link
May 22nd 2pm (Paris) Prof Fabricio Macià Universidad Politécnica de Madrid High-frequency eigenfunctions of Schrödinger operators: concentration and non-concentration link
May 22nd 3pm (Paris) Prof Aleksandr Logunov Princeton University Landis' conjectures link
May 29th 4pm (Paris) Prof Camillo de Lellis Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton) Flows of vector fields: classical and modern link
May 29th 5pm (Paris) Prof Daniel Tataru University of California, Berkeley Compressible Euler with physical vacuum: an Eulerian approach link
June 5th 2pm (Paris) Prof Juan Luis Vázquez Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Nonlinear diffusion, fractional p-Laplacian and Gagliardo fractional seminorms link
June 5th 3pm (Paris) Prof Jean-Michel Morel ENS Paris-Saclay BV functions, image structure and the Image = Cartoon + Texture equation link
June 12th 2pm (Paris) Prof Quoc-Hung Nguyen ShanghaiTech University Propagation of regularity for solutions of the transport equation with non-Lipschitz velocity field link
June 12th 3pm (Paris) Dr Joackim Bernier Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse Long time dynamics of some nonlinear resonant dispersive PDEs link
June 19th 3pm (Paris) Prof Guy David Université Paris-Saclay (Orsay) An elliptic operator on the complement of a Cantor set $K$ whose elliptic measure is proportional to the Hausdorff measure on $K$ link
June 19th 4pm (Paris) Prof Svitlana Mayboroda University of Minnesota The landscape law for the integrated density of states link
June 26th 3pm (Paris) Prof Claude Bardos Université de Paris A baby version of the Landau damping and a road map to the Quasilinear approximation link
June 26th 4pm (Paris) Prof Svetlana Jitomirskaya University of California, Irvine On the critical almost Mathieu operator link

Instructions to use BBB

You can join for free by clicking on the link or the url

Use of headphones is strongly recommended.

There is a public chat that can be used by all users. All users can use the public chat to indicate the chairman
their intention to ask a question. The chairman can turn the microphone on/off according to the circumstances.

A 15 minute “coffee break” is scheduled between the first and second talk.
Unfortunately the organisation will not be able to provide coffee or tea (or any other stronger beverage).